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Your Off-Site

HR Department

Running a business is hard enough without all the complicated human issues. On Call HR is dedicated to helping small businesses alleviate the people stress while letting you get back to running your business.

Your Trusted HR Partner

Human Resources isn't just common sense.  It's way more complicated and ever changing. On Call HR recognizes that every business is unique and has different needs. Entrust your HR administration tasks to the expert. When it comes to HR management, ongoing coaching to assist with day-to-day questions, as well as policies and compliance assistance, look to On Call HR as your human resources partner in the state of Kansas. 


About On Call HR

On Call HR was founded after finding there is minimal to no HR resources for small businesses. Not every business has the need or budget for a full-time Human Resources employee, yet still needs professional HR help. 

Human Resources assistance should be accessible, regardless of company size.

On Call HR offers regular client coaching sessions to assist with ongoing and continuing Human Resources needs. 

Just need help with a project or get compliance documents in order? On Call HR can assist with that, too. 

Every business is unique and all services are tailored to fit your specific business needs at cost-effective rates.

Human Resources is never one and done. It's ongoing and ever changing.

On Call HR specializes in helping companies with their unique 

Human Resources issues, needs and requirements.

Call me. Let's talk about your HR needs.

Meet Sara Dwyer

I’ve been a Human Resources professional for over 25 years and am proud to call Kansas home. I started and ran the HR department of a successful Wichita-based family-owned business. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Wichita State University and majored in Human Resource Management with a minor in Accounting and Management. I have an affinity for small businesses and believe they are the true heartbeat of America.

Mission Statement

On Call HR provides professional Human Resources services to small businesses across the state of Kansas 

through regular coaching and a hands-on approach.

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